Casting Calls America changelog
Casting Calls America changelog

Agency Confirmation from Settings

It used to be to approve your agents’ request to be on their roster within our system, or for them to approve yours, you had to use the special link in an email sent. Now you can approve these requests from your settings in your account.

Talent Agent Dashboard

We've released an all-new talent agency dashboard.

This feature allows agents the ability to easily see and submit all their talent who match a role.

Before talent agents had to manually submit user-by-user. The new agency dashboard allows agents to simply review the role then review the list of talent who match and select all, or manually choose who to submit, then select "Submit Selected" and they're done.

This makes using our platform as an agent much more efficient and user friendly.

Dates Per Project

Before casting directors had to add the date of the auditions and projects to each and every role. Now, they can choose to apply dates to all roles but still manually override if some roles are different.

This makes posting much easier, faster, and more efficient for our casting director users.

Filter Out-of-Area Roles

Actors, now you can filter the roles you receive form other sites. If you want all out-of-area roles, leave it marked "yes." Mark "no" if you only wish to receive notices for roles that are out-of-area if they are paying for travel.


Video Link in Preview

For those casting directors/producers who wish to send the video view link on to others directly, or download the auditions, we now make it easier by providing the "Video View Link" directly in the submission review window.

Union Contract Type

We are now requiring posts that for SAG-AFTRA projects to indicate what contract type their project is.

"Travel Paid" in dashboard Preview

With our remote posting feature we require the casting directors/producers to indicate if travel is paid or not. Until now, as an actor/model/performer, you can only access that information if you looked at the "More Information" portion of the role. Now, if the role is offering paid travel, this will be indicated in the snapshot preview on the dashboard. This way you can easily review your dashboard, see the roles that are from remote sites, and quickly mark them as "Not Interested" if they are out of your area, don't indicate they are paying for travel and you are unable to travel for the role.

Pending Submission Count

For: Casting Directors/Producers Change: If you've ever used our video or audio audition feature, you may have noticed the submissions don't "complete" until the actor uploads their audition file. Until now, you had no idea how any pending submissions you had out there, now you do. Once a user is sent the sides they will now be counted as a pending submission in your dashboard. This way you know how many submissison you can expect, or pull in, once your posting is complete. NOTE: Once your role is paused, you're able to select to "Pull In" all the incomplete submissions, this way you never miss a submission!

Mass Emails to Submissions

For: Casting Directors/Producers Change: As a casting director or producer, sometimes you need to send a communication to all of the talent listed on your yes list for a specific role(s). We've added a new feature that lets you do this. Follow the link below to learn more.

Posted-By Name

For: Actors/Models/Performers/Agents Change: Now the name of the company, casting director or producer who posted the project will appear in the project information, so you know who you’re submitting to before you submit. Please note: This information only available to active subscribers.